Robotics Club

Robotics Club


If you are excited by robotics and looking for a fun way to make friends and be technical, the Iowa State University Robotics Club may be the perfect student organization for you! The club gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their innovative skills and passions while sparking student interest in robotics. 

There are several sub-teams within the club, including mechanical, software, and electrical teams. so you will be able to find something that fits your interests. No prior knowledge or experience is needed, and everyone is welcome to join in!

Robotics Competitions 

ISU Robotics competes nationally through Autonomous SnowPlow, Exo-Skeleton, and Battle Bots competitions. Each competition is a unique way for students to build, test, and compete using robotics. 

The Autonomous SnowPlow is a competition that uses sensors, computer vision, and programmed decision-making to clear a predetermined area of snow without human input. 

In the Exo-Skeleton Competition, the club competes against students from other schools to design the best lower body enhancing exo-skeleton to assist first-responders. This is scored on design, efficiency, and completing an obstacle course.

Students battle their 30-pound robots in Battle Bots competition with the goal to cause maximum damage to other robots while avoiding any damage to their machines. A new miniature Battle Bots competition within the ISU Robotics club uses 3-D lightweight robots. 

The club also does extensive outreach within the community. It presents and demonstrates for local elementary schools and can also be found at club fest and various engineering fairs on campus. 

Join in 

Club meetings are held bi-weekly in the Student Innovation Center’s basement workshop, Room 0211. At each meeting, there are guest lectures and presentations for members to learn more about robotics and build connections with leading professionals. 

The club is sponsored by leading companies such as Rockwell Collins, John Deere, Advance Machine Technologies Inc., and more, allowing you to meet and work with professionals. 

For those who can’t wait to get involved in the Robotics Club, check out the organization’s website and Twitter.  


By Mallory Tope, Communications Assistant | Published June 20, 2021