Green Energy Short Circuit: September 25, 2 p.m.

90-minute Circuit: How to Innovate Green Energy

What is an innovation short circuit?

Innovation SHORT CIRCUITS, delivered by industry experts and influencers, are topic-based conversation sessions that help students gain expertise in innovation mindset, skills and practices.

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Short Circuit: How to Innovate Green Energy

Sponsored by: Energy Vault

  • Robert Piconi, CEO, Co-Founder Energy Vault


Energy Vault has created the world’s only cost-effective, utility-scale gravity-based energy storage system that is not dependent on land topography or specific geology underground. Compared to incumbent stationary energy storage solutions—most notably chemical batteries—Energy Vault provides a sustainable alternative that doesn’t degrade and has competitive performance with round-trip efficiency between 80-90%–all at a significantly lower initial CapEx and levelized cost per kilowatt-hour price point.


  • What are the energy challenges facing us?
  • What green energy solutions should we be considering?
  • What solutions are on the horizon for green energy?

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