IP Short Circuit

2-Hour Insight Circuit: Intellectual Property

What is an innovation short circuit?

Innovation SHORT CIRCUITS, delivered by industry experts and influencers, are topic-based conversation sessions that help students gain expertise in innovation mindset, skills and practices.

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Short Circuit: How to Innovate
Intellectual Property

October 16, 3 p.m.
Sponsored by: The ISU Student Innovation Center

  • Eliot Winer, Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Director, VRAC
  • Jim Oliver, Director, Student Innovation Center
  • Dana Rewoldt, Interim Director, Intellectual Property & Tech Transfer


What is IP? Intellectual property rights are legal rights that protect an innovator’s inventions, products, service, artistic works, scientific developments and discoveries. There are four types of IP: Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secrets.

Why is IP important for students? Securing IP accelerates the investment in and monetizing of student innovation. Creating clarity and ownership for an inventor’s ideas and discoveries inspires innovators to create knowing that they can monetize and perhaps market their creations—technologies, art, products, research. IP incentivizes new business development, job creation, and economic growth.


  • What does intellectual property look like for students working in a university setting?
  • What is the process for students to secure intellectual property rights?
  • What are student resources for those who want to work through the intellectual property process?


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