Short Circuit: Make Me a Millionaire – How to Innovate Wealth

Online Short Circuit

Wealth Advisors of Iowa, the College of Human Sciences and the Student Innovation Center

Make me a millionaire by 40

Jay Pearson, Partner at Wealth Advisors of Iowa, and Jonathan Fox, Ruth Whipp Sherwin Professor of Human Development and Family Studies

February 4, 2021; 5-7 p.m.


Jonathan Pearson, Wealth Advisors of Iowa

As a successful business owner and wealth manager, Jonathan “Jay” Pearson works with young clients focusing on wealth management as a way to secure personal freedom to make value-based choices for the rest of your life. His specialized services include risk management, retirement and tax planning strategies, and money management. He helps young people access financial tools, set goals, and create clear paths for future wealth.

Professor Jonathan Fox

Jonathan Jay Fox is the Ruth Whipp Sherwin Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Iowa State University where he teaches courses in financial planning and investing. Jonathan also conducts research on what works to help individuals and families build financial capability.


Jonathan Jay and Jonathan Jay (no, not a typo) will share unbiased insights on your personal finance and investing questions. They promise unvarnished (and perhaps surprising) answers to pressing questions like:

  • Will my student loan debt keep me from getting married, having kids, and owning a home or business? No! Well, at least we can say they should not stop you from doing anything.

  • What’s the next Tesla or Amazon? We don’t know, but we can help you catch some of the profits from the next big winners.

  • Is my $5 Starbucks habit keeping me from getting rich? No!

  • How do I get rich quickly? By taking too much risk! But we have ideas on how to do it slowly and safely.

  • Should I do my own taxes? Sure, give them a try and then have them checked. It’s amazing what we all learn about planning when doing.

  • Can you help me be more interesting on Zoom calls? Absolutely, you will leave knowing how to use the Rule of 72 and 115 to amaze everyone outside your box. 

What is an innovation short circuit?

Innovation SHORT CIRCUITS, delivered by industry experts and influencers, are topic-based conversation sessions that help students
gain expertise in innovation mindset, skills and practices.

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