Short Circuit: Tilman Engel

Online Short Circuit

Sponsored by The Student Innovation Center and The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

From the Battlefield to the Football Field

Tilman Engel, Former NFL executive and Iowa State University alum

February 22, 2021, noon – 1 p.m.

Sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences I+E Academy and

The Department of Military Science and Tactics

Business and Culture

  • Media and TV campaigns
  • Sports venture investment
  • Data and audience analytics
  • Stakeholder management
  • National culture shifts
  • International entertainment venues and projects
  • Introducing international models for sports ventures
  • Entertainment and leagues
  • Turning NFL football international and soccer local at Arab Gulf
  • Designing and creating innovative global customer experiences
  • Branding/social awareness Campaigns created cultural change and acceptance

Society and Service

  • Distinguished military service overseas
  • Distinguished scholar
  • All-of-government approach in stability and COIN operations
  • International relations, diplomacy, trade facilitation
  • Political campaigns/elections monitoring
  • Navigating sensitive cultural transactions, negotiations, and relationships
  • Development and deployment of military humanitarian strategy and implementation

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