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Innovation Team

Collaboration is key to innovation. Our team works together to provide the programs, opportunities, and resources our students need to innovate. For general questions about the Student Innovation Center and its programs, email innov8@iastate.edu or visit us at 606 Bissell Road, Room 2118, in Ames, Iowa.

Student Innovation Center Leadership

Jim Oliver

Pithan Executive director of innovation

Wendy Kisch

Director of Operations

Ana Luz

Interim director of innovation programs

Jacob Cantu

Jacob Cantu

Manager Building Services

Dani Orris

Media Production manager

Mike Rich

BUSINESS manager

Building Services & Support

Miranda Foster

administrative assistant

Jake Pippin

audio/visual specialist

Rebecca Nation

learning and development specialist

Jim Reynolds

Building Security Specialist

Makerspace Supervisors

Mark Hjeltness

Shop supervisor – Metal & Wood Shop

Jon Hamborg

Shop supervisor – Heavy Metal Shop

Brendan Zimmermann

Shop supervisor – METAL & WOOD SHOP

Daron Head

Shop supervisor – ElecTRONICS, TEXTILES, & 3D PRiNTING SHOP

Charlie Dvorak

Shop supervisor – Electronics, textiles, &
3D Printing Shop

Louie Jordan

Shop supervisor – Digital Media STUDIO