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What are Dash Competitions?

An Innovation Dash is a design and deliver competition that brings interdisciplinary teams together to create and propose solutions to specific problems.

What are Innovation Sprints?

Innovation Sprints are 16-week team projects for students to work alongside an industry innovator and a faculty collaborator to propose solutions to specific problems.

There are no current Sprints available for which to apply.

$10,000 Music Challenge

Sponsors: Department of Music and Theatre, Student Innovation Center

Build a team of at least two people to invent or reimagine an existing instrument. Eight finalist teams will be selected to compose a musical score using their new instrument. $10,000 of prizes will be awarded at the IGNITE Innovation Showcase in April 2022.

$10,000 “The Great Food Fusion Challenge”

Build a team of three people to cook a dish which blends culinary traditions of two or more cultures. $10,000 of prizes will be awarded at the IGNITE Innovation Showcase in April 2022.

$10,000 “Feed the World” Challenge

Sponsor: Kent Corporation

Build a team to address global problems and innovation for producing and distributing healthy food, improving food technologies, and securing our food source.

Kent Corporation’s “Building Better Fats”

A team of 10 interdisciplinary undergrads will develop a better fat for use in meat and plant-based food products for Kent Corporation. 

  1. Determine market and consumer fat replacement needs.
  2. Develop and test optimal fat for use in food products.
  3. Design commercial manufacturing process for developed fat.

SkyCurrent’s “Wind Fairing Solutions for Robotic Window Washers”

A team of 5 engineering undergrads will collaborate with Hudson Harr and Paul Willard to create a solution to wind fairing on robotic window washers.

  1. Conduct preliminary wind tunnel testing to establish baseline.
  2. Test system to threshold wind levels.
  3. Recommend prototype fairing that minimizes reactionary forces.
  4. Research funding opportunities addressing water conservation.

Cookie-less Autonomous Advertising Solutions

Sponsored by evolve24 and the Student Innovation Center, this 16-week project will pay eight students $1000 each to develop a prototype of a cookie-less autonomous advertising platform.

for students interested in: advertising, computer science, data science, statistics, computer engineering, industrial engineering

GO VOTE 2.0 “We Are The Champions”

Sponsored by the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics, Department of Political Science, and the Student Innovation Center, this 16-week project will pay six students $1000 each to create a new method of engaging college students in the voting process and increase voter turnout.

for students interested in: political science, data science, advertising, elections, community engagement, youth engagement, social media, marketing, campaigns

Louis Carr, Mentor and Sponsor

ChangeMaker Civic Education Sprint

September 15, 2021 – December 1, 2021

New Vista: Hydrogen Powered Aviation Solutions

Mentor: Dennis Muilenburg

Sponsored by New Vista and the Student Innovation Center, this 16-week project will pay ten students $1000 each to deliver hydrogen powered aviation options, including assessment rankings, risks, and opportunities.

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