Day in the Life of an International Student

Innovation Dash Competition

Iowa State Colsimming Video Challenge

What does a day in the life of an international student at Iowa State University look like? Create a vlog about your experience for a chance to win a $95 gift card!

We are challenging all Iowa State international students, including undergraduate and graduate students, to create a “day in the life” vlog, which will be featured on a new YouTube channel featuring current international students at Iowa State.

The creators of the top five videos selected by our panelists will receive a $95 gift card!

Watch more Iowa State Colsimming videos on YouTube.

To submit your “day in the life” video, share via Google Drive
with by May 22, 2021.


/’kol,simNG/ [short for “college simulating”]


a process of creating casual vlogging content that leads interested students to the life of current college students in the United States.

what sets Colsimming apart from other college vlog videos is that it is created by international students for students from their same country of origin.