Innovators Forum: From Poker to Produce with Clayton Mooney, Founder and CEO Nebullam


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


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From Poker to Produce

Clayton Mooney, Founder and CEO Nebullam

Born on a family farm in Southeast Iowa, Clayton Mooney has always appreciated food and how technology improves processes and supply chains. Before finding his career in starting food technology companies, Clayton played professional poker, competing in tournaments and cash games throughout the world. In 2014, Clayton moved from Ireland back to Iowa and co-founded his first company, KinoSol, which manufactures solar-food dehydrators for farmers in developing countries. More recently, Clayton co-founded Nebullam, an indoor farming company located in Ames, Iowa. Nebullam was the first Iowa company to be accepted into Y Combinator, the #1 rated startup accelerator program in the world. Whether it’s poker or startups, Clayton believes that opportunities should be measured in Expected Value (EV). When not building technology companies, Clayton competes in ultra marathon trail races throughout the United States.

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