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Student Organizations

Where interdisciplinary collaboration is showcased every single day. At the Student Innovation Center, student organizations use shared office space, assembly bays, event spaces, and more to create and leave their marks.

Request a shared student organization office space

The guaranteed consideration date for Fall 2022-Summer 2023 office space is September 12. Requests submitted after that date will be considered only as space allows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What organizations can apply?

We invite all student organizations to apply for shared office space at the Student Innovation Center! Applications will be considered until spaces are full.

What rooms are used as offices and what are the capacities?

0106 (6), 2239 (8), 2251 (10), 2253 (8), 3133 (8), 3135 (10).

For activities requiring larger capacities, organizations can request a meeting room reservation. Events hosted in the center by student organizations can be arranged here.

How many days a week can organizations use the office?

The number of organizations assigned and the days available for organizations to use the room are dependent on how many organizations request the space. We encourage you to apply for all days and times you want to utilize the office, and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

How often do organizations need to renew the office space?

At this time, the Student Innovation Center offices will need to be renewed every academic year. However, since the offices are newly available, it is possible this and other policies will be reconsidered as needs change. We will notify organizations when renewals need to be made.

What is included in the offices?

Each room features a table, desk, chairs, a standing/rolling whiteboard, and storage cubbies. Every room has a different setup, so if you have a specific need in the space we would encourage you to note that in your office request.

Who has access to assigned offices?

Once assigned to student organizations, the rooms will be locked when not in use by the organizations and will be dedicated for organization use only. The assigned groups will be provided a key to the office space and will be responsible for ensuring the room is locked and closed after use.

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