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the Student innovation Center

Innovate Here

Discover the Possibilities

With more than 140,000 square feet of multi-functional space, plus a series of programs, learning spaces, events, and state-of-the-art Makerspaces, the Student Innovation Center is here to support your passions and help put your ideas into action.


Learn how to use machines, equipment, and software in wood, metal, 3D printing, electronics, textiles, virtual reality, digital media production, and so much more.


Challenge yourself to reach the top, and use the Student Innovation Center’s resources to turn your ideas into businesses and solutions.

Student Organizations

Collaborate with other student innovators and use the Center’s meeting rooms, event spaces, and assembly bays to create.

Room Reservations

Whether you’re studying solo or holding a large meeting, this is where you can gather and work interdisciplinary.


Grab a coffee from SPARKS Cafe, shop at Innovate 1858, and print that 20-page research paper you spent all night on.

General University Classrooms

Peek into the Center’s classrooms, where instructors hold some of the campus’s most innovative and creative courses.


See how Iowa State University innovators create, share knowledge, experiment, work together, and challenge themselves to make a difference in the world!