Innovation Fellows Program

You can be an Innovation Fellow!

Go where you want to go. Be how you want to be. Just do it faster, smarter and with confidence.

Earn as you learn

The goal of our Innovation Fellows Program is to identify and foster opportunities for innovation by pairing ambitious students with industry leaders and collaborators. Learn how to earn an Innovation Fellows Certificate, Cardinal Pin, or Gold Pin–simply by participating in the many opportunities that Iowa State offers to up-and-coming innovators.

Participation in the program:

  • Differentiates and enhances student academic and professional performance
  • Accelerates student capacity to initiate and accomplish innovative projects in collaboration with industry leaders
  • Elevates Iowa State students as exceptional leaders, innovators, and contributors.
  • Brands our Iowa State University innovator ecosystem as responsive and relevant to industry and community demands for talented, motivated, and inventive student
  • Establishes Iowa State as leading social, civic, entrepreneurial, and entrepreneurial innovation which positions us globally to attract and retain talented and diverse students.

Register for the Innovation Fellows Program today!

Whether it’s your first year at ISU or you’re earning a Master’s, you can join the Innovation Fellows Program now! Orientations are held monthly. We’ll help build your portfolio of professional practices with innovator mindset trainings, technical readiness workshops, and opportunities to work with industry innovators and faculty collaborators in all areas and disciplines. The Innovation Fellows Program is a choose-your-own-adventure, a la cart experience: attend events and engage in opportunities that match your interests, and let us know what you want more of!

Application and Orientation

  1. Apply online to become an Innovation Fellow;
  2. Receive an invitation to the next Fellows’ Orientation session;
  3. Attend the orientation to officially start your journey!

Relay 1: Mindset

Mindset-building sessions to prepare you for the journey

  • Attend specially-designed Fellows Cohort Sessions with topical experts
  • Receive email updates with tips for innovators
  • Attend Flagship Friday Innovator’s Forums
  • Receive personalized coaching from Innovation Staff, Innovators-in-Residence, faculty, and industry partners as you pursue your dreams.

Relay 2: Experiences

Mindset + Technical Skills = Experiences to Innovate

Relay 3: Big Challenge

Remove the training wheels. Innovate your way.

  1. Identify a problem
  2. Design/document value proposition
  3. Conduct research
  4. Pitch value proposition to Innovation Team
  5. Innovation Showcase
  6. Coaching Sessions

Track your progress

Keep track of your points using our Points Tracking System. Each year, Innovation Fellows who have earned a certificate, cardinal pin, or gold pin will be awarded during a ceremony at the Ignite Innovation Showcase. There is no expectation for how quickly or how many points you earn while you pursue your degrees at ISU. Meet with an Innovation Program staff member to check your points before Spring semester starts to see if you’ll reach your goals before the ceremony in April!

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