Welcome to the Student Innovation Center

You want to make the world a better place, to make a difference by thinking innovatively, and you want to start now. Iowa State University’s Student Innovation Center is designed with innovators like you in mind. It’s the nexus on campus that inspires students, faculty, and staff to innovate through experimentation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the free exchange of ideas in an inclusive environment. It’s where you’ll go from shaping ideas to taking action and seeing your dreams make an impact.

Explore the Center

There’s something for everyone at the Student Innovation Center, whether you’re creating in one of our state-of-the-art makerspaces, cooking in the Culinary Creations Lab, crafting a digital presence in our media production suite, or participating in our online innovation programs. So come create your identity: chase new ideas, take risks, and innovate.

Innovation Programs

Imagine having a conversation with the World Economic Innovation Prize Winner for Energy Storage or a four-time Emmy Award winner for comedy. With our online Innovation Programs, students have unique access to these conversations with hundreds of industry innovators. We offer up to 20 virtual sessions featuring real-world experiences each semester.

You can innovate

The Pillars of


Learn to think like an entrepreneur


Learn by doing – try, fail, learn, try again


The world needs your innovative solutions


Learn together – the best ideas come from diverse groups

Innovation in action