Student organizations can request office spaces at the Student Innovation Center, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration while utilizing shared workspaces, assembly bays, and event areas for impactful engagement.

Frequently asked questions

All student organizations are invited to apply for shared office space at the Student Innovation Center. Applications will be considered until spaces are full.

Office room numbers (capacity)

  • 0106 (6)
  • 2237 (10)
  • 2239 (8)
  • 2251 (10)
  • 2253 (8)
  • 3133 (8)
  • 3135 (10)

For activities with larger groups, organizations can complete a meeting room reservation. To host an event, student organizations can complete the event and special request form.

The number of organizations assigned and the days available for organizations to use the room are dependent on how many organizations request the space. The request form should include all days and times the organization wishes to use the office. Student Innovation Center staff will do is best to accommodate the request.

Currently, office space in the Student Innovation Center is renewed every academic year. Policies are continually under review.

Rooms are furnished with a table, desk, chairs, standing/rolling whiteboard, and storage cubbies. Every room has a different setup; specific needs should be noted in the office request form.

Once assigned, rooms are dedicated for organization use only. The assigned groups receive a key to the office space and are responsible for ensuring the room is closed and locked when not in use.

Office space request