IGNITE Innovation Showcase


There’s energy spreading across Iowa State University’s campus: a culture of innovation that includes, motivates, and inspires students from every college, department, and organization. Innovation happens here, and we’re celebrating it during the annual IGNITE Innovation Showcase. Join us as we showcase the collaborations, inventions, and opportunities that set Iowa State apart!

Experience our 2022 Showcase

Change the World

Iowa State students are rising to the challenge. Voting rights. Accessible design. Innovation in retail. Recycling plastics and turning them into music. Change the world, one class, project, and challenge at a time.


man wearing pinstriped suit in front of striped background

Louis Carr

President of Media Sales, Black Entertainment Television

man with glasses holding canoe oar

Trent Preszler

CEO of Bedell Cellars, Best-Selling Author of “Little and Often,” and Owner of Preszler Woodshop

Move the World

This is a day for invention, creativity, and big ideas. Meet with innovators who move life-saving medical supplies to the most remote regions of the earth; innovators using new types of fuels to move us through space and time faster; innovators who can already see into the future; and students who are helping them move the world with new ideas. This is how Iowa State moves the world.


Robert Piconi

CEO and Co-Founder, Energy Vault

Winner of the 2020 World Economic Prize for Innovation

Paul Willard

Partner, Grep VC

Alumnus, Iowa State University 

Anthony Sardella

Vice Chairman and Founder, evolve24

Innovator-in-Residence, Student Innovation Center, Iowa State University

Dennis Muilenburg

Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder of New Vista Acquisition Corporation

Owner, President and CEO of DAM CyFly Consulting, LLC

Hudson Harr

CEO and Founder, SkyCurrent

Make to Innovate

This is a day to celebrate the ideas that came to life. Research that jumps off the page. Creative endeavors that make your jaw drop. Using what we know (and recognizing what we don’t yet know) to build for the future. It’s one thing to dream. It’s another to make dreams come true. Make to Innovate.


Dr. Gopichand Katragadda

Founder and CEO, Myelin Foundry

Author, “Smash Innovation”

Mohammed Alabsi

Senior Vice President of Technology, Bukalapak

Narayan Devanathan

Chief Client Officer, India, dentsu International

Feed the World

What does it mean to feed the world? To ensure that no person goes hungry. To expedite supply chains. To provide nutritious food to all communities. To develop the best possible seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, and meats. To prioritize health, wellness, and longevity. To meet basic human needs so that we can each pursue higher goals and passions. Here’s how we feed the world.


Colin Hurd

Business Development Manager, Raven Autonomy

Board Member, Jackrabbit Equipment

Co-Director, Ag Startup Engine, ISU

Oshoke Abalu

Architect, Futurist, and Co-founder of Love and Magic Company

Alumna, College of Design, Iowa State University

Dr. Alison L. Van Eenennaam

Cooperative Extension Specialist, Animal Genomics and Biotechnology Laboratory, University of California, Davis

2014 Borlaug CAST Communication Award

Innovation Awards

Celebrate all of the innovation that students, faculty, and staff are doing to make Innovate at Iowa State a nationally recognized brand. Innovation is everywhere on this campus, and today, we’ll be awarding those who have responded to the call.


Tan Le

Tan Le

Co-founder, Emotiv