Using the Makerspaces for classes and group events

The Makerspaces at the Student Innovation Center are meant to be used by all students across all colleges at Iowa State University. They are full of various tools, technologies, and resources for hands-on learning and creativity. Here are several ways you can use Makerspaces for classes or events:

  • Field trips to the Makerspaces for tours
  • Workshops and skill development
  • Project based learning, prototyping, and design

Faculty, you may use the Makerspaces as part of your course if:

  • Does not conflict with an already scheduled event, workshop or training session
  • Does not exceed capacity for the space or training session. Space depends on the Makerspace and activity
  • You and/or your TA have competed the necessary online safety trainings and hands-on trainings for the Makerspace.
  • Has been scheduled with advanced notice and prior communication with the Makerspace supervisors (at least 2 weeks preferred)

The Makerspaces are not general university classrooms. The opportunity to schedule class/lab trainings is subject to availability.

Please keep in mind the Letterpress Lab and Culinary Creation Lab are overseen by the College of Design and College of Human Sciences, respectively.


Frequently asked questions

Your class may meet in the Makerspace for a few lab or trainings sessions (depending on availability). However, the Makerspaces are not well suited for a regular meeting space for the class. Coordinate with shop supervisors from each Makerspace to schedule trainings and worktimes for groups of students from your class. You can also encourage students to use the Makerspaces during open hours.

The Makerspaces do not have typical classroom spaces with desks or chairs. Please communicate your needs and requests to our shop supervisors and we will do our best to accommodate.

Please email us ahead of time to ensure space and equipment availability (preferably at least 2 weeks notice):

Yes, this is a great way to introduce students to the Makerspaces. We would be happy to provide a tour to your class during your scheduled course time if we have the availability. Please contact the Makerspace you would like to tour, or if you would like a complete building tour, including of all the Makerspaces, please contact

We are also offering a new Innovation Program called the Mindset and Makerspace Tour, which combines and a 30 minute innovation mindset workshop with at 60 minute tour of the Makerspaces. Please register here or contact Rebecca Nation at if interested in scheduling this specialized tour for your class.

No, our Makerspace supervisors will not teach your class. Our staff will train you and/or your TAs beforehand on the Makerspace equipment. Makerspace supervisors can also do scheduled training with small groups of students to get the required hands-on trainings completed to operate certain pieces of equipment.

Makerspace supervisors and student staff will be available in a limited capacity to ensure correct equipment operation and safety, but it is strongly encouraged that you or a TA are available to answer specific questions about projects and equipment usage for the class.

Yes, everyone who uses the Makerspace equipment must complete the required online safety trainings in Canvas prior to receiving hands-on training on the equipment. Please share your class list with the shop supervisor so they may add them to the necessary Canvas course.

Typically no, the Makerspaces are not classroom spaces and therefore cannot support large groups or class sizes, unless it is just an introductory tour of the space. Workshops and hands-on trainings have a limited capacity for safety purposes.

  • Digital Media Studio trainings and workshops- capacity 6-10 people, varies based on equipment
  • Electronics, Textiles and 3D Printing trainings and workshops- capacity 6-10 people, varies based on equipment
  • Metal and Wood trainings and workshops – capacity 2-4 people, varies based on equipment

Please contact the Makerspace supervisor for any additional questions.

  • Have your lab sections or class meet in the Makerspace once to introduce students to the spaces and equipment. To prepare we strongly recommend we train you and/or the TAs for your class on the equipment you want students to use so you can run the class with limited support for the Makerspace staff.
  • Utilize the Making 101 Workshops offered by the Makerspaces. We offer weekly workshop training sessions that may directly correlate to the objectives of your class. Feel free to share these with your students. These workshops count as the required hands-on safety training all users must complete prior to using the equipment.
  • If the available workshops don’t work for your class, please coordinate small group trainings for your class with the Makerspace supervisors.

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