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Digital Media Production

The Digital Media Studio (Room 0140) provides audio and visual recording and editing resources to all Iowa State University students, faculty, and staff from all majors, departments, and experience levels.

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The Digital Media Studio is located in room 0140 on the lower level of the Student Innovation Center.


9 AM to 5 PM Monday and Tuesday
9 AM to 8 PM Wednesday- Saturday

Makerspaces are closed daily between 12-12:30 PM and 5:30-6 PM. The Building and offices are closed during university holidays. Hours are subject to change.

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Equipment and Software

Video Recording

Blackmagic Design Hardware including four studio cameras, mobile camera also available

Stage Lighting: (5) LED lights, (20) Hornet 200-C lights, ColorSource control panel that can control up to 20 lights

Flip-Q Teleprompter Software

(3) attachable teleprompter monitors

Green Screen

Gray Screen

Two-stage boxes featuring (8) audio input channels and (8) audio output channels

Television Studio

Big Screen Monitor

(16) Microphone Stands

Camera Dolly

(7) Lavalier Microphones

Three Beta 57A Microphones

Beta 52A Microphone

Shotgun Microphone

(2) AKG Microphones

(4) Shure Beta Microphones

Wireless Lavalier Microphone

(4) Monopods


Mobile LED Light Kit

Intercom System


Talent table

(3) Microphones

(3) Cameras

Big Screen Monitor

Extron Program Control


DaVinci Resolve Studio

Pro Tools

Full Adobe Suite

Microsoft Office Software

Video Editing Bay

One Button Recording Studio

Extron Program Control

Three X32 Sound Mixing/Control Panels

Two Hyperdeck Studio Minis

Marshall Camera Control Panel


Four Computer Stations

Audio Editing Bay

Blackmagic Design Camera Control Panel

ATEM Software

Video Control/Switcher Panel

Video Master Control Monitor

Gray Screen

Two Powerplay 16-Channel Digital Personal Mixers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

Users are not charged for machine time, training, or consultation. Currently, machine use is on a first-come, first-served basis.

What kinds of projects can I do?

You can work on personal projects, group projects, and class projects within our Makerspaces. You cannot run a business out of the shop.

Who can use the makerspaces?

The Student Innovation Center’s mission is to provide collaborative space for users from all different backgrounds and disciplines. That’s why the Makerspace is open to all Iowa State students, staff, and faculty regardless of major, department, or prior experience.

However, the Makerspace is not available to be checked out for any period by anyone. Professors are welcome to bring their classes into the shop for group training, but classes cannot be held or conducted in the space. Even if professors bring a class in, the shop will remain open for others to use.

I’ve got a great Idea, but where do I start?

We offer consultations! Let us know in the form below if you would like a consultation, or feel free to stop by 2222 during office hours to speak with a shop supervisor.

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Come to the Student Innovation Center for hands-on training. Our Shop Supervisors will work with you one-on-one to get you where you need to be.

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Practice makes perfect. Use your new skills for personal projects, class projects, and more. We will still be right there with you to help along the way.

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